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There has to be an easier way!

Have you ever walked into a showroom with no pricing anywhere to be found?

Had that feeling that you were going to get  pricing based on what you are wearing or what kind of car you drove in? 

Did you get the feeling that you were being summed up by the sales person and were led to the product that they thought you should buy or could afford?

One of the most frustrating things about shopping for granite countertops or quartz countertops is all of the time it takes to gather all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

This has always been one of our pet peeve’s when we go shopping for anything. We don’t want to have to ask, ” How much is this?” every few minutes.

Man searching solutions for granite countertops on his computer

This is why we show our price groupings online so that you can get the solutions you are looking for while shopping for your countertops or kitchen cabinets.

Many of our customers come to our showroom already knowing what countertops or kitchen cabinets they are interested in, simply by viewing our group pricing in the comfort of their own home using their internet connection on the device their of choice.

After selecting a few different colors or styles that they are interested in they come to our showroom and pick the actual countertop or cabinets from our inventory and schedule an installation of the product.

Of course, you may rather come to our showroom and view our products with your own eyes and get informed by speaking with us about your needs for your project and seeing what is available.

One thing we know for sure is, ” Time is Money,” and we don’t want to waste any of yours.

Time is Money!
Time is Money!

Is this purchase for your own home? Is it for an investment property? Are you listing your house for sale and want to improve it’s chance of being salable? 

These questions may lead you to different product choices. 

For instance, if you are shopping for your own home you may:

  1. Have budget constraints.
  2. Want something striking and unique.
  3. Want quartz because you want ease with the no maintenance needed with this great countertop choice.

If you are shopping for an investment property you may:

  1. Want to spend as little as possible to get the desired results.
  2. Want to make sure that your renters have nice, functional countertops that are obviously upgraded from standard countertops.
  3. Want quartz because you don’t want any future costs up keeping the countertops.

If you are shopping for a home you are trying to sell you may:

  1. Want to make sure the countertops have that, ” Wow,” factor to really help the sale along.
  2. Want to get the best deal possible by spending as little as needed.

Here is an excerpt from an article regarding granite countertops at 

“Granite countertops have been popular for many decades and are almost guaranteed to never go out of style.

Granite surfaces are among the most sought-after features in a home.

People love the aesthetic appeal and longevity of granite and are willing to pay a bit extra for its unique nature, stunning beauty, great durability, and ease of maintenance. In fact, granite countertops are often listed among the first “must haves” that potential buyers want in their new homes. So, not having them in your home can rule it out as a potential option for buyers.

This means that replacing your old countertops with granite surfaces before putting your home on the market is a very smart decision – it will make your property acceptable to more buyers and will greatly increase its appeal – and that’s worth a lot.

What about the financial balance though? Will the investment pay off?

It’s an easy calculation, once you know the facts:” 

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