prefab countertops- Why choose them?

There is a lot of controversy regarding the quality of pre-fab countertops in the marketplace. We find most of the opposing views originate from those who sell slabs only and cannot evolve due to warehouse size, or working budget, to invest in the value and quality available today. 

A lot of what we hear is it’s cheap and comes from China. Our response to that is, the granite generally isn’t from China, just the bullnose edge and polishing are done in China. 

So to prove our point of the quality, we have full countertops for you to come to check out, as they say, ” Seeing is believing.”  

Is it for everyone? No, of course not. 

If you want something super custom for your own home you may find that picking out your own slab and paying a huge amount more suits your needs.

We find that most granite countertop installations don’t fall into that category. Our customers want discount prefab countertops with great savings so that they can have additional funds for their other projects and see this as a wise investment.